Building Community and Eco-Friendly Homes

Eco-Friendly Homes

“Fairfield Homes is a different kind of green builder creating community friendly homes.” – Kevin Davis, Owner at Fairfield Homes

At Fairfield Homes, our vision has always been to build affordable luxury custom houses that improves each and every clients lifestyle and has a positive impact on their community. We do this by recycling older houses and land in established neighborhoods and towns while using the economical resources of existing infrastructures.

Recycling Housing

Houses have a useful life of 50+ years but only with proper maintenance and continual component replacement. Housing components on the other hand, have much shorter lives. On average, gas and sanitary lines last 40 years and electrical wiring only 30 years. This creates obsolete and even dangerous homes with most of the current inventory of houses on the market.


In addition to the beautiful mature tree lined streets with differing housing styles and sizes, the communities we build in already have existing walkable downtowns, shopping, police and fire stations, great schools, and existing transit. There are no costs building all new infrastructure, replacing farmland and natural land with suburban sprawl with its traffic congestion, disconnected neighborhoods environmental degradation and contribution to urban decay.

Smart Housing

We believe the better choice is to recycle and reposition obsolete or underutilized housing and land with new houses helping an already successful community become even more prosperous. It stimulates economic activity, preserves and enhances natural and cultural resources, reduces energy consumption and enhances the tax base. Our homes are built on the bedrock of building science. Our focus is to build with a better water intrusion management system, energy efficiency, improving indoor air quality and incorporating lifestyle floor plans.

Family Values

Where we build is closer to the city and employment corridors, thus reducing drive time and giving you more time spent with family while reducing traffic congestion and energy consumption. This social and economic revitalization offers a better ecological footprint as well as a better quality of life.